cinderella saturday smiles

as soon as i can figure out my mp3 player, i will post some recordings of the girls singing. i have no idea how to do it, so i may need a tutorial! anyway, this is a picture of maya listening to “up and down” (also known as steven curtis chapman’s children of god) the girls also LOVE the song crazy by him as well. they call that rock and roll! of course they love cinderella. luckily i have the cinderella edition of scc’s this moment cd with 2 recordings of cinderella!

he may be the happiest person in our family right now! i watched him just yesterday pushing himself up from lying on his belly to sitting up! good job, buddy!

amazingly, it was nice enough for me to feel comfortable bundling everyone up and going outside today! it’s january 10th! crazy! oh, we had so much fun! it was the best 20 minutes in the snow we have had so far. i marched around with dane in the snugli and the girls enjoyed the fun of sliding down the slide on the treehouse. no one wanted to come in, but i forced us to because i was positive that brin’s fingers were frozen. fortunately, they weren’t. as soon as it is 20 degrees again, out the door we are going! oh, i can’t express how much fun we had!

me: good night, brin. i love you.
brin as she is pointing to her cheek: give me a kiss

as brin is pulling her toy puppy: puppy needs a snack

me: where’s pig, brin?
brin, as she is holding him above her head, “right here!”

after being caught out of bed, “where’s my rice krispies?”

she fell off the bunkbed ladder today and got a bloody nose. who do you think it was? first bloody nose of the family!

maya was playing little red riding hood, but instead of red she was blue and instead of wearing a hood, she was wearing the famous blue leotard. (so maybe she was playing little blue leotard–that just doesn’t seem right). anyway, she really wanted me to be grandmother, but i needed to spend some time with brin so i told her that she should figure out another grandmother, so this is a picture of maya and grandmother.


About giannarae

I am a child of God who has been given the humbling job of being a wife and a mother to 4. Those whom He has given to me are my Sweet Peas and Buddies and one Honey.
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