fall fun

i know you have all been waiting for pictures of the kids’ costumes. i know that it has been over 2 weeks, but let me tell you, life has been chaotic! But i’m not sure why. it’s like at work. we talk about how we don’t get anything done, but we’ve been busy all day. my house doesn’t show that i am constantly doing something to it, but i am rarely sitting down. so please forgive me as i have been running around like a chicken with its head cut off, but i’m not sure what i have been doing in that frenzied activity exactly.

moving on….

daddy raked this gigantic pile of leaves one afternoon and when we got home, we all jumped in and played! it was SOOOO fun!

this is my pink cinderella. apparently, after all her explaning to grandma of what she really really wanted, it didn’t really matter because when someone would ask her what she was, maya just said, “a princess.” to which i had to prompt her to explain which princess.

maya is growing up into a very responsible girl. her new do is making me forget that she is only three and that i still need to expect unexplained tears and screaming (i hear that never really goes away!) today she told me, “i think i want a spanking.” what? then 5 minutes later, “i don’t really want a spanking.” of course not, crazy girl!

we made brin into a fairy princess because we didn’t think she would be a very happy mouse when she saw what maya would get to wear. didn’t my mom do a fantastic job on their dresses? the girls were VERY happy!

brin is learning to play with people. andrea, my friend who watches the kids when i am at work on wednesday and thursday, tells me stories about how her little girl (who is 8 months older than brin) interact. like the other day, brin was looking through a paper towel tube and andrea’s little girl put her eye on the other end and they were giggling and giggling. (how cute!) today, i asked her what song she would like to sing. she said, “how about…..____________ (fill in the blank, I couldn’t understand her). sing with me!” oh, boy, then i had to figure it out! luckily, “i love you lord” is a pretty sure bet!
dane has turned into this absolutely adorable 5 month old. oh, my goodness! he is still spitting up like CRAZY. okay so it has gotten better, but i am still covered in spit up by the end of the day! but he is full of smiles and giggles! his sisters love him and he them! he has just started rice cereal and is not really that fond of it. i think baby’s lips are some of the strongest muscles in the world! nothing can penetrate them.

the cutest zebra in the world! you gotta LOVE free halloween costumes! thanks marilyn!


About giannarae

I am a child of God who has been given the humbling job of being a wife and a mother to 4. Those whom He has given to me are my Sweet Peas and Buddies and one Honey.
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One Response to fall fun

  1. Jenny Aust says:

    Nice pics! I need to talk your mom into making cute outfits for my kids as well!

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