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Our little family of 4 will be growing to a little family of 5 in May.
What you may not know is what we just discovered. Our family will be alittle more even in the boy to girl ratio.
Kordatzky Baby #3 is a BOY!
We are thrilled!
Finding out was a little anti-climatic. Monday morning, Brin woke up with a very high fever and she had had a fever for 5 days. I called and talked to the clinic I work for, and Bonnie (one of the nurses) told me that I needed to get her in to the doctor. So I took Brin to Urgent Care. I was very uncomfortable with what the doctor told me (we had to endure a lab draw and a chest x-ray. I was able to be with her for the lab draw, but since I am pregnant, I had to endure listening to her crying and wailing during her chest x-ray through the door. I heard them say, “so big! SOOOO Big!” What? Just hold her arms up and take the picture! AUGH!) I got home, called work begging the nurses to listen to Brin to see if Urgent Care was right, picked up Maya and Elizabeth, and off we went.
When we got to the clinic, Dr. Kurachek had said he would see Brin. Totally unneccesary, but completely great! So after 2 hours at Urgent Care and 1 hour at CRCCS, Dr. Kurachek diagnosed her with bronchitis and an ear infection. EXHAUSTING!
I got the girls home, fed, and put to bed. Then, the Curries came over to be with the girls while Chris and I went to my ultrasound!
We found out he was a boy, gave each other 5, and tried to be excited at that moment! Since we were so tired, it was difficult to be!
Ultimately, we are so ELATED!
I have had a couple of moments of, “How do I do this? I know how to do girls! I don’t have any idea how to do a boy!” I have lots of friends and co workers who are willing to help me figure it out! As for the girls….
Brin is starting to feel better. Evidence of that is she’s eating again (it was a little scary for a while when all she would eat was raisins–and she had diahrrea. Not the best thing to eat when we would like to stop her system) and throwing tantrums!
And Maya is still convinced we are having a girl. Even so, she wants us to name the baby Elmo!
Well, it is a boy’s name, I guess.

About giannarae

I am a child of God who has been given the humbling job of being a wife and a mother to 4. Those whom He has given to me are my Sweet Peas and Buddies and one Honey.
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5 Responses to Three

  1. Jenny Aust says:

    I’m SOOOO excited for you! Boys are definitely different…but isn’t every child? I can’t wait to meet him!

  2. librariane says:

    Hmmm….Elmo Kordatzky….What kind of middle name do you put with that?

  3. gianna says:

    Only you, Ruhama, would even CONSIDER Maya’s suggestion! (wink wink) 🙂

  4. hooray!! boys are so fun. i had the same feeling with asher (of course we didn’t know he was a boy until he got here so i only had about 30 seconds to wonder what i was going to do with a boy before i had to start doing it. hee hee) glad to hear that brin is doing better. that is so scary! gotta love the older siblings helping to name the younger ones. =) you’ll have to let us know what the final verdict is. =)

  5. Rob says:

    Ruhama isn’t the only one. I think Elmo would be a cute name!

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