successful despite…

This year for Thanksgiving, we went to my parent’s house. We drove up on Wednesday night, stopping at McDonald’s for a snack/Maya and Brin’s supper (which Brin loved and Maya wouldn’t eat because it wasn’t her normal cheeseburger and apple dippers–it was chicken nuggets to share together and French Fries for mom and dad to eat). Disaster number 1.
We arrived in Danbury around 7:15 and Maya and Brin were so excited to be there that they played with Grandma and Grandpa while Chris and I got to eat a normal meal. It was WONDERFUL. However, the girls were so tired and hungry that soon we had to force feed them (Brin ate her rice with enthusiasm) and get them ready for bed. However, they were so exhausted and excited they couldn’t unwind and Brin cried and cried and cried. Maya would NOT calm down. So I tried to lie down with her until she said, “You go lay in your bed, Mom.” So I went and laid down in my bed which was on the other side of the room and she STILL wouldn’t stop talking! Finally, after trying to rock Brin while she was fighting the whole sleep thing and unsuccessfully hushing Maya, we all got ready for bed and went to bed. I sat on our makeshift bed and held Brin tight and sang, gently swaying her back and forth. Soon she was out! After I put her in the pack and play, Maya (who was on her bed with Chris) informed us that she wanted to sleep with me, so she crawled into our bed with me. Chris slept in Maya’s bed and Maya and I slept on Chris and my camping matteresses. Mom asked him the next morning if he liked the camping mats and we were like, “He didn’t even get to try them out!” This was finally about midnight–Disaster number 2.
The next morning at about 5:00 am, Brin stirred and cried which therefore awoke Maya whose body clock said, “It’s morning! Time to get up!” So for an hour to an hour and a half, we tried to get Maya back to sleep. Part of the problem was that I didn’t know what time it was. There aren’t any digital clocks for us to see at my parents while in the loft so this was all by guessing! Maya went back to lay with Chris and everytime she breathed out loudly, she would disturb Brin again!–Finally, we left Maya with Grandma and I nursed Brin back to sleep (I had been trying to stop that from happening, but I decided to count it as her morning feeding and I needed sleep bad–don’t forget I am pregnant and just getting over being morning sick!) and Chris and I snoozed for another hour to 2 hours.–Disaster number 3 (that snooze was the best snooze I have had in a long time!) While we were sleeping, Mom and Maya went for a walk outside. Mom didn’t know that our bag was in the living room (where she could get Maya’s clothes), so she did some makeshift thinking. This blue t-shirt is being held in place by a clothes pin. Maya just happened to find Grandpa’s hat!
Lucky for us, the girls took early naps since Thanksgiving dinner was scheduled for right in the middle of nap time–potential disaster number 4. We were able to enjoy our meal at my Uncle Arlin’s and Aunt Pat’s house with my cousins. However, Brin didn’t want to eat much except her bun which she first destroyed and then devoured.
Disaster number 5 was the burned cherry pie. My mom wanted to do something special for Chris and made him cherry pie. However, when she took it out of the oven, she set it on a burner to cool. It should have been fine because the oven and stove were not needed any longer that day. Unfortunately, my mom did not account for the fact that my dad might want to heat some water in the tea kettle. When he did that, he turned on the wrong burner–the burner the pie was cooling on. Chris and I came downstairs to billowing black smoke and my parents frantically running around the house! What I noticed was my dad crawling up on a chair to remove the smoke detector and running outside with it as fast as he could! Both Maya and Brin were out cold and waking them would be detrimental! Dad and Chris each tried a little of the scrapings of the cherry pie by to no avail! It was burned clean through. Disaster number 5!
Disaster number 6 isn’t really that bad. After we prayed for our meal, we were supposed to share one thing we were thankful for before we ate. My Uncle Arlin started and then my mom; and before we got any farther, Maya was shouting out, “I want to eat! Can I have some chicken?” (she meant turkey) It was rather funny and honest! Despite all the mishaps and troubles, we had some Thanksgiving Dinner fun! Who gets to enjoy playing Peek a boo with Grandpa and John at the table besides Maya? And being with the Anderson Family is always a blessing!
Brin took her first step to Grandpa and her next 2 steps to Grandma! It was exactly 2 years after the first day Maya crawled!
I know I’ve said it before but memories are the best when they aren’t perfect!

About giannarae

I am a child of God who has been given the humbling job of being a wife and a mother to 4. Those whom He has given to me are my Sweet Peas and Buddies and one Honey.
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5 Responses to successful despite…

  1. librariane says:

    For sure–there’s not much to tell when there isn’t some sort of story to go with it… do you remember any vacations that didn’t have ‘disaster’ accompanying them? No, they’re too boring. 😉And really, it’s all about that illusion of control we wish we had.

  2. okay, you are hilarious! i am laughing so hard because it is all so true. isn’t it amazing how your life revolves around sleep. you’re constant lack of it and the constant desire to get your kids to do more of it? =) i’m loving granpa running outside with the smoke detector! hope your morning sickness is getting better.

  3. gianna says:

    ruhama, all you have to do is say, Fema, and I’m rolling! Natalie, thanks for the complement! When I got done writing this I was thinking that I wasn’t a very funny writer.

  4. Wow. Looking forward to babysitting on the 15th…..Funny story though.

  5. Jenny Aust says:

    I just cracked up reading your blog Gianna! I don’t know whether it was because you were the one telling it and you are SO funny or whether it was the fact that it could have happened to me or to any other parents of small children. That is SO all of our lives right now!

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