tweaking needed

What a great family tradition: spending a long weekend with those we love.

What a close family tradition: spending a long weekend on TOP of those we love!

The weekend right before our anniversary, Chris, the girls, and I traveled to Warrens WI to stay in a cabin with the rest of his family. The cabin slept 8 and we were looking forward to staying in the 3 Bears Lodge Area in a beautiful cabin.
I can’t describe how our cabin was so not that at all. Let me list the positives and negatives for you.

(Our FEMA Trailer)

The cabin was air conditioned and most of the day it felt great!
The cabin was air conditioned in only our room at night. Our family got the “big” room. There was enough room to set up the pack and play, but we practically stepped from the door directly onto our bed! Anyway, our room had 2 vents for the cool air which seemed to be nice, but we only knew about one. Every single one of us froze. you could feel Brin’s cold legs through her pajamas. The first night, Chris turned the thermostat off. We later learned that when we turned off the thermostat, Carissa and Bryan’s “room” and Chris’s parent’s “room,” got so stuffy that THEY couldn’t sleep. The next night we covered the vent we knew about and still got cold. Brin was covered with her blanket and one of Chris’s t-shirts and one of my t-shirts. Still cold. The last night we were there, in the middle of the night, we discovered another vent and wedged ourselves on either side of the bed and threw whatever we could on it to keep us warm. FINALLY, we were comfortable.

The cabin slept 8.
The cabin SLEPT 8. It didn’t say that 8 people would fit comfortably during meal time or that the kitchen was large or that 2 of the 8 will never get any privacy EVER! We managed to fit 8 plus 2 children by squishing the pack and play in, but there was no room for Maya. That meant we were a very close family each night. This included Maya wetting the bed the first night and all of our bedding and pjs and everything needing to get a good washing. Waking up in the middle of the night soaked from your daughter’s urine (not to mention being so freezing cold) is not fun! LET ME TELL YOU!

We got to play with Chip and Ruhama’s kayaks. Chris is pretty good in a kayak! And even Maya got to ride!
When you weren’t in a kayak, you sat on the road or a concrete slab boat launch. There wasn’t really any where else to go comfortably.

We got to play a lot. Maya got to go on the playground with the big fish, on the swing in the lake, on the train, and on the swings by our FEMA trailer. She also got to have a date with Grandma for ice cream one night. And walked back in the dark with Grandma, holding her own flashlight. I went down a waterslide for the first time since I was 7. So it was for kids younger than 10, but I have been nervous around them for 23 years. I gotta start small. In the evening we got to play in the lazy river, in the big water fort, in the wave pool, and under the huge picnic basket dump. One night, we all played mini golf in the pitch black (pretty much) and me with my shorts on my head (I had no where else to put them when I putted and I did much better then than when I played in the middle of the day). “Where’s the hole?” “Where am I aiming?”

I kinda got tired of being wet all the time. Well, that’s not true. I got tired of being wet when I was in the kidney pool. I just didn’t find that as fun. However, Ruhama and I DID do a very rousing rendition of the chicken dance!

We had so much fun! With a little tweaking, it won’t be as memorable, but maybe a tad more comfortable.


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I am a child of God who has been given the humbling job of being a wife and a mother to 4. Those whom He has given to me are my Sweet Peas and Buddies and one Honey.
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  1. librariane says:

    woo-hoo! I forgot to record about mini golf in the dark–especially the obnoxious people behind us that were doing speed rounds…That was a great positive/negative round-up. I’m hoping to start scrapbooking it soon–I got my first round of hard copy pics in the mail recently!

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