march update

Time for another update! It’s been awhile, so I thought I would interest you in our cute kids!
— “Maya, what did God make?”
“What else did God make?”
“What else did God make?”
“Who made Maya?”
–she got a balloon at a birthday party and tried to give it to Duster in his hutch. As she was doing that, it popped in her face! For a long time, she liked to tell people she had a balloon. She would say, “Balloon! Pop! Maya cried!”
–likes to change her elephant’s poopy diaper and has even tried to put on one of Brin’s. Likes to bathe him, feed him, clip his nails, and “run circles” with him.
–cut her lip by falling onto the corner of a small table, and when I got her up after her nap (hours later), she kept saying, “Mouf hurt!”
–said, “Gianna. Gianna.” So I looked at her and asked,”Who is Gianna?” And she grinned and shouted out, “Mommy!”
–saw Duster’s cage was open, said, “I shut Duster’s cage,” and then walked over and did it!
–answers “two!” when we ask her how old she is going to be. The, she proceeds to talk about her upcoming, “Birthday party.” And one day I asked what she will get on her birthday, and she said, “Birthday CAKE!”
–is very ticklish!
–likes to lay under the musical toy dangling gym thing. She grabs it and watches the lights
–pretty much on a schedule! YEEHAW!
–can and has slept (more than once) for at least 10 hours at night! YEEHAW again!
–likes to smile at her sister!
–likes to have her pants put on; she giggles and giggles!
–she getting a flat spot on her head even though she can turn her head both ways.
–giggles and talks ALOT!
–fairly close to rolling from her tummy to her back

About giannarae

I am a child of God who has been given the humbling job of being a wife and a mother to 4. Those whom He has given to me are my Sweet Peas and Buddies and one Honey.
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8 Responses to march update

  1. Rob says:

    Thanks for sharing. I love hearing how they’re growing.

  2. gianna says:

    How are your boys? How was Eli’s birthday party?

  3. Rob says:

    Jess, Eli, and Aiden have all been in various stages of sick since Christmas. The party was cool. I did the decorations and Jess did a DVD. It was a slideshow of various Eli pics, but the background was the survivor theme song, which is intense and dramatic. The music gave the pictures this action movie feel.I kept imagining that bass voice guy that does the voiceovers for the movie trailers.“In a world…“Where babies run wild…”“And chaos rules the playground…”“One baby…”“Will take, a, stand…”“Eli is…”“The Survivor”

  4. Jenny Aust says:

    Your kids are gorgeous! Girls are so very fun! BTW, I had a GREAT time on Saturday. We stayed way too late at the Olson’s Saturday night, but it was all so relaxing and fun. Now I’m only 12 months behind on my family album. YAHOO!

  5. gianna says:

    Jenny, Of course you stayed too late the Olsons. Don’t you always? Rob! Eli’s party sounds like it was great! You guys are so creative!

  6. librariane says:

    Heh, that story about ‘who made Maya’ reminds me of Christmas when you asked her who made the rocking horse and she said ‘God!’

  7. gianna says:

    She’s even more brilliant now!

  8. librariane says:

    Eeek! May can’t come soon enough. I wish her hero could come, too…but with us going to Alaska the next week, Chip didn’t want to take off then, too.

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